DIY Gift Series: Part 1 - House of Magic Keychains

Family dinners, visiting in-laws, shoveling snow, and present shopping -oh my- the holiday season can be hectic! We got you! Jesse James Beads is happy to take one thing off your list this season. Welcome to our DIY Gift Giving Series, where for twelve weeks JJB and Designer Sara Ellis will be sharing a different jewelry-making project, perfect for giving to loved ones this holiday season or for keeping for yourself. Don't worry, with items as nice as these we would too!

We are starting off this series with a set of playful keychains inspired by the very popular Harry Potter series. Using JJB's School of Magic Collection, you can bring a smile to the face of any HP fan in your life! Customize these easy DIY keychains to add that additional personal touch that makes giving gifts even more heart-warming or get together and make it a fun group crafting project!

Cunning and ambition is what makes a member of House Cunning Snake! A silver snake charm, beautiful JJB Boho bead, and a mother of pearl bead custom printed with the house crest really makes this keychain a must for all proud HP fans. This design also incorporates wire-wrapping to emphasis the idea of a serpent coiling around its beautiful treasures! Make it truly your own by using different items from the School of Magic Cunning Snake Bead Mix

Perfect for attaching to a backpack, purse, or a set of keys! Represent House Loyal Badger wherever you go. Get creative and use any combination of items found in the School of Magic Loyal Badger Bead Mix to add your own twist and make it a unique gift. 

Bold and daring is what makes House Brave Lion stand out from the crowd, just like you! This keychain features a mother of pearl bead custom printed with the Brave Lion crest, a golden lightning bold charm, hand-dyed JJB Boho beads and red Czech Glass beads. That's not all though! Get the School of Magic Brave Lion Bead Mix and you can mix-and-match to make a wide variety of keychains!

Elegant and calming is what this keychain embodies, which is spot-on for any in House Wise Raven. Create this keychain or swap various items from the School of Magic Wise Raven Mix to make it distinctively yours!

Thank you so much for joining us for the start of a new jewelry-making series. Stay tuned for more beading education. We release new tutorials every week!


All Heart,


Your Friends At Jesse James Bead


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