Celebrity Spotlight: Charming Charm Bracelet with Tammy Honaman

About Tammy Honaman

Tammy Honaman leads the beading, jewelry, and yarn teams at Interweave.com. She is passionate about jewelry making and making, in general. Teaching and helping others achieve their creative goals is at her core. Mom to two young men and wife to a man who supports her professional and personal pursuits - she is thankful they all put up with her overflowing rooms of creative supplies!  Outside of creative time, Tammy treasures walks and playtime with her boxer Remington and game or movie nights with her family. She will be joining us from her home studio outside of Philadelphia.

A Charming Charm Bracelet

Today, Tammy is showing us how to create a beautiful charm bracelet using mini Jesse James Beads and an assortment of wire. This beautiful bracelet design is a staple of Tammy's and one of her favorite techniques. The key to making these beautiful bracelets is measuring and patience. Be kind to yourself and learn Tammy's technique for these simple and elegant bracelets.

Hang out with Tammy Honoman! Make wire components with one of the beading industry's best. Learn how to create these links step by step with the video tutorial below:

What You'll Need:

14-Gauge Round Wire - 30 inches
16-Gauge Round Wire - 5 inches
21-Gauge Flat Wire - 20 inches

Ball-Tip Headpins - 20
Jump Rings 6mm, 16-gauge - 14

Wire-Cutters - Suitable for cutting 14-Gauge Wire, Memory Wire Cutters Recommended)
Bail Making Pliers - 8mm and 5mm
Bail Making Pliers - 4mm and 2mm
Flat Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Bent Nose Pliers
Ruler / Measuring Tape

20 Fun and Colorful Beads!
Used in this video:
Pink Dragonfruit Mini Mix
Blue Raspberry Ice Pop
Blackberry Baby




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