Roberta Lee

Hi Beaders!  My name is Roberta Lee and I run Berta's Menagerie of Crafts out of my home in the North Georgia mountains.  I enjoy working with a variety of mediums for my crafts.  I sew, crochet, paint and now make jewelry.
My grandmother taught me crochet when I was a youngster. I've been crocheting for over 30 years now. Still not a professional and learning though. I just learned that you can crochet with wire and beads and am excited to try that. 
I started painting in 2014 and have been slowly improving my skills by watching a vast amount of Youtube videos and even more trial and error. 
I recently got into making jewelry and have learned a lot from Jesse James Beads tutorials. I love making jewelry and have given loads to family & friends.  

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