• Goddess Bastet Bead Strand
  • Goddess Bastet Bead Strand

Goddess Bastet Bead Strand

Bastet: Cat Goddess of Home, Fertility and Protector of Women

The original domestic goddess! This feline deity warded off disease and evil spirits in her followers' homes, guarding hardworking mothers and their children. Your home is your heart, and it is in good hands with Bastet.

Feline goddess Bastet comes out to play and protect with blue, black, and gold tones. The handmade inlaid focal bead stuns with layers of metal and bohemian clay beauty. Also featured are intricately embellished black clay boho rounds and lapis blue cathedrals beads, each made by hand. 

This 7" bead strand is 9mm wide at it's slimmest point, and 16mm at it's widest

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