• Gemini Zodiac Bead Bundle
  • Gemini Zodiac Bead Bundle

Gemini Zodiac Bead Bundle

From:  May 21 - June 20th

Colors:  Vibrant Yellows and Light Greens

Planet: Mercury

Flower: Lavender

Element : Air

Gemini - the positive, uplifting and often changing Zodiac sign is represented by bright, happy yellows and geometric shapes. Go where ever the wind takes you with these airy and light beads. This bundle includes stunning Japanese Tensha beads, gold and silver cage crystals,  metal charms, and more. Treat yourself or give the perfect gift to the creative Gemini in your life. Bundle includes 1 bead strand, 1 mini Tensha strand, 1 mini bead mix, 1 bright shag tassel, and 1 vintage Gemini charm.



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