Wire & Stringing

Artistic Wire in 26 G Silver


Artistic Wire in 24 G Stainless Steel


Leather Cord Silver Stitched Suede


Artistic Beading Wire Tarnish Resistant Silver 16 Gauge


Memory Wire Large Round


Beadalon Bright Silver 49-Strand Stringing Wire


Beadalon Bright Silver 19-Strand Stringing Wire


Stringing Wire in Bright Silver 7 Strand


Artistic Wire in Stainless Steel, 20g


Artistic Beading Wire in Stainless Steel 18g


Artistic Twisted Craft Wire in Stainless Steel 18g

String beads with Beadalon, Soft Flex wire, Leather Cord USA and Silver Silk Cord! Make jewelry projects pop with colorful jewelry making wire, cords, chains, and strings.