Tools for jewelry making. From beginners to seasoned beaders, we carry all your must have jewelry crafting tools including cutters, crimpers, pliers, and more.


Beadalon Tying Station Tool


Bail Making Pliers Large


Beadalon Memory Wire Shears


Beadalon Ergo Semi Flush Cutters


Beadalon Tassle Maker Tool


Artistic Wire Mandrel Set


Designer Flush Cutter


Nylon Jaw Bending Pliers


Bail Making Pliers Small


Nylon Jaw Pliers


Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers


Beadalon Crimp Tool


Ergonamic Chain Nose Pliers


Beadalon 3D Bracelet Jig


A great jewelry design is nothing if you don't have the right tools for jewelry making. Find what you need from our collection of jewelry crafting tools!