• Bead Bundle in Japanese Tensha Beads

Bead Bundle in Japanese Tensha Beads

Get a bundle of beautiful Japanese Tensha Beads! This bundle includes some of our bestselling beads including: a pair of Indigo rose on black 14mm, a pair of Rosaline daisy 16mm, a pair of pink rose on matte 14mm, a pair of our best-selling water lily on black 14mm, and a pair of secret garden on clear 16mm.

All of these beautiful Tensha Beads are made using hand-painted decals which are delicately placed on top of an acrylic rounds that are clear, colored, or matte, then fully lacquered with more acrylic to protect from scratching and abrasion.

Out of stock styles will be replaced with a pair of the same size.

$25.24 $29.70


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