Specialty Beads

Bead Pair Citrus Edge Boho


Boho Bead Pair Lime Splash


Boho Bead Pair Lime Punch Flyer


Bead Set Emerald City 14mm ChiChi Glass


Bead Set in Emerald City Green 12MM Chichi Glass


Bead Pair Lime Encrusted Chichi Glass


Bead Set in Seaglass Green 10MM Chichi Glass


Cage Geo Beads Matte Green

Seeking cool, trendy and rare jewelry beads and components? Shop the Jesse James Specialty Bead Collection. We have handmade beads from Japan, custom-designed Jesse James clay boho beads (aka Kashmiri), unique metal beads, adventurous fiber tassels, cage crystal geometric beads, extra large glass beads, and beautiful Czech beads with unique finishes and facets.