Make flirty feminine jewelry with beautiful pink beads and jewelry components! If pink is your favorite color, that means that you are peaceful and friendly. Your designs have a playful spark to them that instantly makes everyone smile. Pair this color with Green for a fun contemporary look or with Purple for a sweet monochrome appearance.

Japanese Tensha Bead Pair Garden Glow 12MM


Japanese Tensha Bead Pair Garden Glow 16MM


Japanese Tensha Bead Pair Garden Glow Pink 14MM


Japanese Tensha Bead Pair Secret Garden on Matte 16mm


Japanese Tensha Beads Rosaline Daisy 16mm Matte


Japanese Tensha Focal Bead Pink Rose on Black 16x30mm Teardrop


Japanese Tensha Focal Bead Secret Garden on Frost 20x33mm Flat


Shop baby pink beads and hot fuchsia chain. Pink magnetic clasps and salmon colored silk are fabulous for adding punch to your jewelry designs.  Pink is an excellent color for women that like to add a girly look to their jewelry pieces. Hot pink is bold and vivacious, light pink is dainty and sweet. Explore pink Czech beads, pink bead mixes and our famous Jesse James Beads strands.