• Pre Sale! Destination: North Pole - a holiday workshop camp

Pre Sale! Destination: North Pole - a holiday workshop camp

We are taking camp to the North Pole! Get ready for the holiday maker event of the season, 9 jewelry workshops taught by your favorite lead elves with a bundle of beads presented by your favorite beady brands!

Destination North Pole will consist of 3 days of classes over the first 3 weeks in December. Our attendees will be granted access to a private group on Facebook where we will teach the classes, share holiday happiness and get into the spirit of the season with fellow makers! Classes will be available to watch on replay again and again!

Each day of workshops will have a theme: 

1. Thursday December 3 = Gifts’giving

2. Wednesday December 9 = Holiday Party

3. Wednesday December 16 = Traditions Around the World

PLUS an extra special Holiday Hijinks Party with all of your Camp Counselor Elves: Sara Ellis, Meredith Roddy, Wyatt White, Nealay Patel and Sarah James!

We have 9 incredible workshops planned for you - and a bundle of beads, supplies and tools to get your creative mojo going. All bead kits ship the week of November 16 (2 weeks prior to the event)

In addition to classes we will have more fun activities to add to the summer event:

-Not-So-Secret Santa give exchange 
-Destination North Pole merit badges 
-Holiday Party with your camp counselor elves
-A group full of creatives to engage and share your love of making together!

Join the holiday spirit!! We are pre-selling Destination North Pole packages from now til September 18 with a $10 discount. Reserve your spot today! 



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