The Luxe Collection Featuring Swarovski crystals

Bead Strand in Sapphire Feat Swarovski Crystals 1


Bead Strand in Peridot Feat Swarovski Crystals 2


Bead Strand in Magic Garden with Swarovski Crystals


Bead Mix in Golden Scarab Feat Swarovski


Bead Mix in Silver Holly Feat Swarovski


Bead Strand in Let It Snow ft. Swarovski


Limited edition sparkle featuring Swarovski crystal beads.  

Add a little sparkle to your step with these bright and shining bead strands. Each bead strand features a different combination of bright Swarovski precision cut crystal and beautiful Jesse James Beads Glass and metals. These strands are made in small batches, carefully curated and designed for maximum sparkle.