Wire-Wrapping Starter Kit in Silver

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Color: Silver

Wire comes in so many colors and sizes, it's hard to know where to start. A great rule of thumb is, stock up on the basics. This wire-wrapping starter kit comes with:

18 gauge - This is a great sturdy wire that is great for making components and armatures. This thick wire requires very little work hardening but isn't too thick to work with comfortably.

20 gauge - This is probably the most common wire size for wire workers. This is a nice strong gauge that is perfect for making your own ear wires and jump rings. It's also sturdy enough to make earring and necklace components.

22 gauge - This is my go to wire for almost everything. I use 22 gauge wire for making my own eye pins and head pins and any other wire wrapping. It's a nice small gauge that doesn't overpower your designs but is still sturdy and dependable.

24 gauge - This is a great little wire that is the perfect size for wire wrapping smaller beads. It's sturdy but soft enough to create beautiful, intricate wire designs. This gauge wire is often overlooked but I find myself using it more often than not so I'm always sure to have plenty 24 gauge on hand when working with pearls and gemstones that often have smaller holes