Dakota Stones by JJB

Jesse James Beads custom design components are paired with natural cut Dakota Stones Beads to create this line of beautiful shorty bead strands. Each strand features a different stand-out natural cut stone combined with components and custom metals from Jesse James Beads. 

Radiant Rock Candy Dakota Stones Bead Strand Bundle


Bead Strand in Forever Green Malachite Featuring Dakota Stones


Bead Strand in Anastasia Amethyst Featuring Dakota Stones


Bead Strand in Madagascar Creamsicle Featuring Dakota Stones


Bead Strand in Labradorite Showers Featuring Dakota Stones

Dakota Stones products are high quality natural stone materials beautifully cut and polished. Each of these beautiful stones are paired with Jesse James Beads to create stunning beading components that can be easily incorporated into consumer designs.