Czech glass beads from Jesse James Beads are made in small batches by skilled artisans. Each bead possesses vivid color in bright glossy or satin matte finishes. We provide our customers with the most unique finishes and styles including beautiful Fire-Polished, fun twists, smooth pearlized and much more. 

Golden Topaz Lantern Shaped Czech Beads 13x10 mm 30 pieces


Orange & Yellow Twisted Czech Glass Beads 19x13 mm 15 pieces


Orange AB Czech Fire Polish Beads 8mm 50 pieces


Orange Yellow Czech Fire Polish Beads 8mm 50 pieces


Yellow Matte Topaz Ribbed Oval Czech Glass Beads 11x17 25 pieces


These Czech glass jewelry supplies have old-world Bohemian Czech quality and consistency. We stock the industry’s most unique finishes, shapes and sizes. The rarest Czech glass beads online live at Jesse James Beads.