Beautiful sparkling crystal awaits you in this collection of beads. Enjoy a clear classic with traditional crystal beads or mix is up with AB finishes that sparkle various colors under the light. If this is your favorite color that means you love to be unpredictable, everything you create will surprise and amaze! These sparkling beauties are taken to the next level when paired with metallic Silver or pearly White.

Crystal Matte Oval Mellon Ribbed Czech Beads 17x11 mm 25 pieces

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Crystal Multi Faceted Pear Shaped Czech Beads 10x7 mm 30 pieces


Classic Crystal Big Boy 16mm Rondelle Glass Beads


Preciosa Crystal & Silver Cup Chain


Casanova Crystal Beaded Chain


Preciosa Elegant Crystal & Gold Cup Chain


Crystal Clear Bead Pair


Crystal Clear Leaf Charm Pair


Rose Gold Cage Crystal 20 mm


Cage Crystal Bead Gunmetal Rose


Crystal & Gold Fancy Metal Bead Topper Set


Rose Cage Crystals 5 Set Gold


Mini Crystal Charm Set


Lifelong Sparkle Pendant


Quartz Charm


Swarovski Aurora Borealis Crystal Pendant


Minimalist Bead Mix in Crystal Cavern


Cage Crystal Set in Classic Waltz


Crystal Czech Fire Polish Beads 6mm 50 pieces


Silver Sparkle Rhinestone Bow Connector