JJB Summer Camp 2021 FAQ

What is JJB Summer Camp?

JJB Summer Camp is a week full of fun and beading. Camp includes 9 classes plus a bonus happy hour with Sarah James. Each camper gets a kit filled with beady goodies and treasures to use for the camp classes.

I'm a beginner, can I still participate?

Absolutely! Summer Camp is fun for all ages and beading levels. Our tutorials are step-by-step lives from your favorite industry professionals designed to be easy to follow and learn for beaders of any skill level.

What's in the Summer Camp Kit?

List of what's inside the JJB Summer Camp Kit can be found here.


Where is it located? Is it in person?

JJB Summer Camp is an online event. The classes will be held via a private Facebook group. Each class is a Facebook Live that you can then replay any time you'd like.

What's a bunk buddy? Do I have to have one?

Remember those days of Summer Camp when you got paired with a new friend to share a cabin or tent with? That's the spirit of bunk buddies!

A bunk buddy is a beading buddy that you will be randomly paired with when you sign up! Similar to our Love Club Mailing program, you and your buddy get to chat during camp and at the end you will have a chance to exchange a piece of jewelry.

Bunk mates are not required, we do offer private cabins for those who prefer to camp alone! 

Do I need to send a piece I made at camp to my bunk buddy? Do I have to use beads in the kit?

If you'd like to make something for your bunk buddy using beads from your stash or you'd like to make something else for them, that's ok! Whatever you think your buddy will like.

What if I can't make a live class?

Classes are permanently available to campers via replay. To access all replays on the Facebook page, go to the "Media" tab and select "Videos" OR you can access all videos by going into the "Topics" tab and selecting "#videos" from the list. Either way will bring up all the replays from all the classes.

How do I participate?

To participate, enroll here for your summer camp kit. Then you will get an email directing you to the Facebook Group Page where all your fellow campers and camp classes will be hanging out. Feel free to chat and get to know your campers before classes start on the 2nd of August!

Do I earn beader points for signing up?

YES! You earn loyalty points on your sign up. AND you can use your loyalty points to redeem coupons codes to use on Summer Camp as well. Don't forget to redeem your points!

What do I need to bring to camp?

Basic beading tools including a cutter, round and chain nose pliers, head pins, jump rings, crimp tubes / beads, a good attitude, and excitement to learn! BYO bug juice and snacks for around the campfire.

When does the event start?

Classes start on August 2nd. Class times can be found here.

When should I expect my kit?

All camper kits will ship out by July 19th, US campers kits will be shipped 2-day FedEx or Priority mail (in the case of PO boxes). This gives kits over 2 weeks to reach their destination. International customer boxes will ship according to customer preferred method due to carrier fees, and other customs charges. Customs charges are not included in shipping charges. (shipping times are available to see for international customers at checkout.)

When are the classes?

Class schedule can be found here!

Who is teaching?

Our cheery group of counselors! Get to know them all here.

More questions? Email us at hello@jessejamesbeads

All set? Sign up for JJB Summer Camp here.


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