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Denim ’n Donuts - How to use Bail Making Pliers

Posted on 17 July 2017


Be a trendsetter this season with a hot new project from Jesse James Beads and Designer, Candie Cooper. Jewelry Designer Candie Cooper uses her favorite JJBs in this casual yet chic necklace project. Denim cord, enamel donut pendant and JJB sparkle beads. Watch the Facebook Live (below) to learn how this project comes together - and how to make your own beads using Wire and Bail Making Pliers.



Want to get straight to the how to on DIY beads using the bail making pliers? Scroll to the 44 minute mark!



Making jewelry is a snap when you have the right parts and pieces. JJB makes it easy with color coordinated bead mixes and thoughtfully designed mixed-bead strands. Looking to make a piece similar to the one in this blog? We’ve got you covered!



Art Deco Donut PendantsSilver enamel donut pendants, you are rocking our world! Art deco in da' house! $11.99


Gold Chain - Choose one of our stunning golden chains! Each chain has it's own personality and flare. Don't feel like working in gold? Choose any of our silver or bronze chains as well. (Metal chain recommended.) 


Lapis Blue Cage Bead Strand This radiant 7 inch Strand features a pair of gold and blue rhinestone encrusted Artisan Beads. $8.99

Forever in Blue Jeans Denim Cord- You know we'd rather be, forever in blue jeans. This cord right here is it. $4.99/m


NEW! Pale Dogwood Design Elements Bead Mix- Stunning brand new variation of our ever popular Pale Dogwood bead mixes. This new mix features beautiful feminine pinks and stunning golds$7.99


Bail Making Pliers- Wrap 'dem coils, girl! This is the tool you need to create those tightly bound coil beads you see up top. $17.99


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