Gratitude Charm Keychains

Posted on November 10 2015

Gratitude Charm Key Chain Project from Jesse James Beads Keys? Check? Gratitude? Check check. Our keys are something we typically never leave the house without. Gratitude should be the same. I've found that the simple practice of gratitude is one very big way to live a happier life. When we are grateful for the good things that occur, no matter how small or mundane they may seem, we let the universe know that we acknowledge our blessings, and our open to receiving more. We are grateful for so much here at JJB. Today we've made key chains with positivity charms as our reminder that when we leave home with our keys, we take the attitude of gratitude along with us   Attitude of Gratitude Charm KeychainsHamsa hands are the sisters and brothers of the Evil Eye symbol - they ward off evil will being sent your way, and help keep your spirit lifted. Buddha is a reminder of serenity and peace. The meditating Buddha brings peace and stability to the wearer. These charm connectors are from the Jesse James Bracelet Boutique Collection, very cute and stylized designs created my myself, my mom (Karen James) and our good friend and designer, Candie Cooper Buddha Charm Keychain DIY Project Gratitude Keychain DIY Project Blue Beaded Hamsa Hand   These keychains are so simple to make, just a few findings, one bead strand from Jesse James and your choice of Bracelet Boutique connector is all you need to create sparkly keyring glory. Here's the list of ingredients - Pick your favorite choices from the Strand and Connector pages One Jesse James Beads Petite Strand One Jesse James Bracelet Boutique Connector One Beadalon Keychain Clip One Pack of Silver Oval Link Chain Jump Rings Head Pins Chain Nose Pliers, x2 Round Nose Pliers Cut a 3-4 link section of chain. Attach the chain to the Key Clip with a jump ring. Then, create charm dangles by stringing beads onto Head Pins and creating a Wire Wrapped Loop with your Chain and Round Nose Pliers. You can hang the wire wrapped loop directly from your chain piece, or connect to the chain with a jump ring. Attach your Bracelet Boutique Connector using a jump ring. Then, finish off by attach one beaded head pin dangler to the bottom loop of the connector. Ta Dah! Beaded Key Ring Bliss. Thanksgiving Gift Project with Beads I speak for all of us at Team JJB that we are very thankful for your love of creativity and your support of our beady biz. One of the greatest things about being part of the DIY community is the ability to share, inspired and in turn, become inspired. Feel free to share our ideas with your friends on Pinterest and Facebook! And please do share your projects with us. Comment below and let us know what you think of our blog, and please find us online to let us know how JJB inspires you <3

With So Much Gratitude,

Sarah James & theTeam at

**Want to Make the exact Gratitude Keychains featured in this tutorial? Choose the following:

Buddha Connector and Petite Strand #18

Hamsa Hand Connector and Petite #66

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  • Kathy Cooper: April 10, 2017

    This is a perfect project for Christmas also!! Thank you for the very meaningful text and clear tutorial.
    I too believe the simple practice of gratitude is one very big way to live a happier life.

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