Sheila Mosher

My name is Sheila (Sheesh) Mosher, I reside in Cumming, Georgia. I have been an artist most of my life. I started beading after I had a stroke in 2010. I’m the type of artist that needs to keep their hands busy all of the time. I used that time as a type of therapy, for getting me back into creating some type of Art.

When I came across my first strand of Jesse James Beads from a big box store, I was amazed by their colors, their shapes, and the sparkles of these beads.

The beading faze of my new endeavor seemed to have brought a bit of the spark back to the creative side of my brain that I had thought I had lost.

Now, a few years later I still use Jesse James Beads in my designs. I find that the beads themselves invoke me to design differently than before. I don’t just string my beads, I create art. Instead of creating in a specific way, I push myself to look beyond the four sides of that box and let my designs tell me how they want to be created. I am just the guide on this beading journey.

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