Kelly Van Singel

My name is Kelly Van Singel. I live in Saline, Michigan, just outside of the motor city, or Detroit, aka “The D.” I started making jewelry in 2014 when creating bracelets for a school fundraiser.

Both of my daughters, Magdalyn and Gillian, are living with autism. Because those with autism can often experience sensory issues, I’ve always had a passion for incorporating sensory and autism awareness into the pieces I create. By using fiber in many of my designs, statement jewelry can shave a substantial look while still being lightweight and easy to wear.

I discovered Jessie James Beads in our local craft store and also on Facebook. I remember receiving an invite to join the secret stashers group awhile after finding and liking the main JJB company page. Never have I been more inspired to keep learning new techniques and to be ever more innovative with my pieces because of the videos and posts from this very special Facebook group.

Nothing is more magical than the mixes and strands put together by the design team and family based business that is Jesse James Beads. I’ve come out out of my comfort zone into a new expanse of more infinite creativity because of this company. I cannot thank JJB enough.

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