About Us

Jesse James Beads Online was birthed from Jesse James & Co., Inc., the company that houses both the JJB and Dress It Up brands. We are a family business that started out of a garage in the little town of Bethlehem, PA. Ever since our beginning, we have always believed in created products that are unique to everything else offered on the market, and it is this steadfast mantra that has made Jesse James Beads the company that it is today.


JJB Strands

Jesse James Beads is the world leader in unique mixed-bead strands. We find the most interesting individual bead styles on the market, we even design and copyright our own bead styles. Next, we use our wildly creative design technique to produce a captivating end product that is the Jesse James Beads Strand. Our strands are an incorporation of inspired color combinations, innovative design style, trendy beads, artist-designed creativity and locally hand-strung precision. Our strands are a Launchpad for great design made to inspire you and take jewelry projects to new heights.


Our Process

All JJB strands and mixes are artist designed. We are so blessed to have an incredible design team backing our company, where would we be without the JJB ‘Bead Team’? The Bead Team creates each strand design and mix individually. Once a design is approved it goes out for production. The stock created for our website and for stores is all hand-strung and packaged locally. We love our hometown of Bethlehem, PA! Each strand and mix is limited edition; once a style sells out we create new. This is a super cool aspect of our company because if keeps our designs fresh and up to date with the latest trends. Once a style is gone, it’s gone. If you need more of something than what is offered online, please contact [email protected] and someone will be happy to help.


Single Beads

The latest and greatest edition to Jesse James Beads is finally here! Behold JJB Select Singles – beautifully unique beads available for purchase individually. JJB Co-Owner, Karen James, travels abroad 8+ times per year to find the most innovative and creative styles of beads. Many JJBs have been designed by Karen herself, and our latest designs are copyrighted Jesse James Beads originals. How’s that for unique! The beads Karen purchases were originally used solely in Jesse James Beads strands, however now we bring these beautiful beads to you individually through our Select Singles Page. Check back frequently, new styles to be added every month.



At Jesse James Beads, we are all about design and aesthetics. We believe that jewelry making should always be fun, and, that good design doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s these two reasons that JJB Online has teamed up with the fabulous Candie Cooper to bring you amazing free how-to projects using our unique Jesse James Beads.


The New JJB Online

We are thrilled to offer you, our amazing customer-base and fans, a new beautiful and intuitive online shopping forum. We thank you for your continued support and love of all things creative. At JJB Online we strive to always offer you the most unique and interesting beads and jewelry making items. If you have any suggestions of products you’d like to see on our website, please drop us a line at [email protected].




Thank you so much for stopping by. It is truly a new dawn, a new day for Jesse James Beads. I am so excited to be catapulting this endeavor into the future! Should you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for new things you’d like to see offered on our site, please feel free to contact me personally. I look forward to giving you an incredible new shopping experience. This sure is going to be fun!


Yours in Creativity,

Sarah James

[email protected]